Welcome to Ben’s Backpacking Travel Blog and Travel Guide. This is a travel blog from our trip around the world. On backpacking travel blog there will be useful information and travel photos on all the places we visited and travel stories plus travel advice from our trip.

So far on this site you will find Travel guides to the Cook Islands, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Venezuela and Bolivia. Along with travel blog posts and general backpacking advice and photos.


So far I’ve a whole year of my life backpacking in Australasia, Southeast Asia and South America, travelling for an extended period independently needs to be done by everyone at least once in their life. Taking a gap year or an extended break from work to go travelling or backpacking was once thought of something only done by the young. Now taking time out from a career to travel and see the world is not seen as a bad thing, backpacking is now seen as something that will make you a more rounded person many more people are starting to travel the world in search of adventure and world awakening.

Travelling you will see and do things that you will be able to look back on for ever with incredible memories of unforgettable experiences. I hope my advice will be of help.

If you have a travel blog or have travel photos or would like to write a travel article, share travel tips or advice to publish on my travel guide please let me know.

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