5 Essential Medical Items To Take With You When Travelling To The USA

It is quite likely that your Holidays 2013 in America will prove enjoyable and hassle free. You might well escape falls on the snow covered mountains of Aspen and Beckenbridge. You may also manage to remain unscathed on challenging walks along the Appalachian and Hayduke Trails. However, if something does go wrong then you might be thankful for having access to the medical items highlighted below.

Antiseptic Cream

You might have to clean up a wound sustained while rock climbing in the Yosemite Valley of California or while white water rafting along one of the great American rivers. You should remember to apply antiseptic cream to guard against infection.

Insect Repellent

You can deter mosquitoes and other insects that bite and sting by applying repellent in spray or cream form. Particularly effective varieties include DEET and Picaridin. You might also want to invest in clothes that contain the permethrin insecticide and perhaps using natural oils such as Eucalyptus.


If you’re prone to headaches or migraines then it would be a good idea to pack painkillers such as Fever Few and Kava Kava. You should also take some aspirin in case of minor injuries that may be sustained during the course of Directline Holidays to the USA.


Condoms may not be the first medical items that you thinking about taking to America. However, they can play an important role in the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases such as Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea and AIDS. They should be used by people who find romance abroad.


It is worth bearing in mind that temperatures regularly rise above 20 degrees centigrade in American states such as Florida and Hawaii. If you don’t wear sun cream on particularly hot days then you will be at risk of burns and skin damage. You should also remember to drink plenty of water to guard against dehydration.