Coach travel reinvented

There are a number of ways that you can travel to and from Europe, though most people opt automatically for planes and sometimes trains.  If you suggested coach travel to most people, they might assume you were talking about some over-60s package holiday by coach with accommodation and meals included and arranged by the tour company.  But actually, thanks to iDBUS which celebrated its first anniversary this year, coach travel to Europe has been transformed into something modern, reliable and better for the environment yet comfortable and inexpensive.   Use it to take you to a pre-booked holiday or as a flexible way of travelling independently.


People are becoming far more aware of the cost of international travel in terms of ticket prices and taxes, but also in terms of the impact on the environment.  The average carbon footprint of a flight from Amsterdam to Paris is 0.15 tonnes compared to 0.03 tonnes by coach.  The price of a coach ticket with iDBUS Amsterdam to Paris are a lot less than travelling by air – flights can cost as little but those cheap tickets are few and far between and usually have to be booked considerably far in advance otherwise prices can be in the hundreds of pounds.

But the price and environmental impact are not the only reasons that you should consider taking a coach trip with iDBUS.  Considering that coach trips take far longer than similar journeys by other means, comfort is a very important factor.  Most people are aware of the risk of deep-vein thrombosis from sitting too long in cramped conditions on board planes and even trains and coaches – the risk is greater if you are seated for too long without exercise and if you have insufficient room to stretch your legs.  Fortunately the people at iDBUS built their coaches with comfort at the forefront of their minds, making their seats with extra leg room and extra elbow space.  They have fewer seats on each coach, giving passengers plenty of space to stretch out.  That plus frequent breaks en route, free Wi-Fi and plug sockets (remember to bring your euro plug adapter!) makes for very happy customers!

Adjustable footrests, reclining seats, tables, individual lighting, air conditioning and real-time travel information make the hours fly by.    Prices are fixed, even at last minute, meaning that you can be sure of getting the best price for your journey whenever you book.  You can also arrange your trips according to times and dates that suit you best, or by price – whichever is the most important factor for you – since their website is exceptionally easy to navigate and book through.

So if you are considering a European city break do consider coach travel as a viable alternative to traditional means of transportation.  Doing so with iDBUS it can be kinder to your wallet, the environment and your health!