Experience Egypt by Cruise

Egypt and Nile Cruises

Mention Egypt and what springs to mind? Soaring pyramids, hot dusty plains and buzzing cities? These are just a handful of things that tourists have come to associate with Egypt, but there are plenty more that might just strike a chord if you’re planning an Egyptian escape this year. For instance, how about sailing along the Nile River, kicking back on deck as the scenery of Egyptian life unfolds around you? Or, how about sailing across the sparkling waters of the Red Sea, before alighting to dive beneath the waves from a top dive location like Sharm el Sheikh, that’s home to sunken wrecks and rainbow-coloured corals?

In short, an Egyptian cruise is a unique and quite spectacular way to see this magnificent corner of the world – and there are plenty of ways to do it, too.

If you’re a bit of a culture vulture and you want to see some of Egypt’s most famous historical landmarks, check out the fantastic range of River Nile cruises available. This is a superb way to see the sights and means you can sail leisurely along the Nile in luxury surroundings, stopping off at major ports along the river to take organised tours of top sites like Abu Simbel, or to indulge in once-in-a-lifetime experiences like a hot air balloon ride over the pyramids. It’s pretty soul-stirring stuff.

Or if you prefer your Egyptian experience a little more sun ‘n sand orientated, join a Red Sea cruise and soak up the spectacular sights and sounds of this beautiful corner of the world. Sail along the Red Sea coastline and spend time enjoying the beaches and shorelines of some of the region’s most beautiful ports and holiday resorts, before heading off on day trips to discover fantastic landmarks like the ancient city of Petra, or Wadi Rum, Jordan’s vast desert landscape, or the mineral-rich waters of Israel’s Dead Sea.


Whichever corner of Egypt fires up your imagination, why not let a cruise holiday take you there? It could be the holiday of a lifetime that you’ve been waiting for…