Five reasons to take a round-trip cruise

by Jeremy Head

Taking a cruise doesn’t mean you have to catch a flight to some exotic destination before you board. Take a round trip cruise from your home country – it costs less and it’s ideal if you’re not keen on flying.

1) Don’t worry about flying

Some people just don’t like flying and they tend to assume that this really reduces their options for going on away. Not the case if you take a round trip cruise. P&O cruises from Southampton offer destinations all over the world if your budget and schedule allow. We’re not just talking the Mediterranean or the Fjords either. The Caribbean and big chunks of Canada and the USA are on offer too.

2) Don’t waste a minute of your holiday

Let’s face it, flying these days isn’t the relaxed experience it used to be. Crammed airports, delayed flights, grumpy kids on the plane – you know the deal. Without the need to fly, you can start to unwind as soon as you step on board your cruise. You drop the car at a dedicated car park, your luggage goes straight to your cabin and then you’re free to watch the port disappear into the horizon with a glass of champagne in hand. You won’t be subject to any pesky baggage restrictions either, meaning you can take as much luggage as you can fit into your car.

3) See the sights and unpack once!

If your ideal holiday is a culture-filled city break, you may have thought a cruise couldn’t possibly be for you. But if you think about it your cruise ship is like a very comfortable mobile hotel. Go to bed in France and wake up in Spain! And, of course, you only have to unpack once – so taking a cruise is actually a really great way to see a lot of sights in a really short space of time in complete comfort. You could be strolling around the medieval town of Brest in the Breton region one day, sampling the tapas in Spanish San Sebastian the next and hanging out in trendy Lisbon a day or so later.

4) Sample the high life

From indulgent spas and cocktail bars to top-name restaurants going on a cruise is a bit like staying in the very best of hotels. Should you ever tire of educating your palette, there are upmarket shops to peruse, or you could even take up a new hobby, such as yoga, watercolour painting or golf. Fantastic service seems to come as standard, with whole fleets of staff trained in making you feel comfortable, well-fed and entertained. Basically, if you’re after some serious rest and relaxation a cruise is a great option too.

5) Get great value for money

With no expensive flights to shell out on, taking a round-trip cruise can offer great value – you basically get more time on board for your money. And there are even greater deals to be had. The best time to book is January and February as this is when operators have their best sales on, and you can get discounts, upgrades, credit to spend on board and even two-for-one fares. But if you’ve, ahem, missed the boat this year, don’t worry. Operators always have some kind of tempting offers available, so check their websites. Generally, the best deals are available to those who book early as prices tend to rise as you get nearer to departure.

For more information and the latest deals visit P&O cruises