Gap year travel checklist

A gap year is no longer an experience reserved for backpackers and university students. If you are planning to take a gap year soon, you will be familiar with the exhausting amount of planning required. Insurance should be at the top of your list, and it is recommended that you compare travel insurance at MoneySupermarket. Read on to learn why, and to help you compile a basic gap year checklist.

1- Travel insurance

Travel insurance is an absolute must. You could be exposed to many risks during your gap year, so it pays to shop around and sign up for the most comprehensive insurance cover. Ensure you are not only covered for medical issues, but also for personal liability, airline cancellations, and theft or loss of personal possessions. Compare worldwide travel insurance at MoneySupermarket, where you will find advice on the insurance policy that is most adequate to your needs.

2- Plane tickets

There are several options when it comes to purchasing a plane ticket for your gap year. If you are planning to visit two or three different continents, it might be worth looking into round-the-world tickets. These are available from most travel agents and major airline alliances. Round-the-world tickets consist of a number of multi-leg plane journeys (usually between 3 and 7), which can be combined with overland sectors. You could fly around the world for as little as £749.

3- Banking

Since you will need easy access to your savings during your gap year, ensure that you bank with the most travel-friendly provider. Foreign ATM withdrawal commissions alone could cost you over £600 per year, so it is wise to shop around. For potential emergencies, consider acquiring a pre-paid travel card and/or traveller cheques.

4- Vaccinations

Do your research and learn what vaccinations are required in the countries you will be travelling to. Some vaccines can be administered by your local GP. Otherwise, you can book an appointment at dedicated travel clinics. Plan ahead, as some vaccines require a 6-month course. Also, remember to request an up-to-date vaccination certificate and carry it with you during your trip.