Mediterranean Relaxation in Cyprus

Cyprus Beach
Cyprus is one of the most beautiful islands in the world: it sits in the Mediterranean Sea and basks in its warm waters and gentle breezes. Cyprus holidays are a wonderful way to get some sun and, most importantly, let all your cares slip away: there is probably no better place to relax than this stunning isle.

Cyprus is very popular with travellers – this has spawned huge tourist areas which cater to package holidays. If you are travelling with a family it might be worth going to one of these spots, but if you really want to relax its best to avoid these parts of the island and find a peaceful recluse. Areas like Agia Napa and Lemesos are best avoided, in favour of gorgeous places like the Karpas Peninsula. Here you will find incredible beaches that will remind you why tourists flocked here in the first place. Look into finding a small villa or quiet hotel and you will be well on your way to a relaxing holiday.

For many travellers there is nothing more relaxing than a pleasant stroll in the countryside – in this respect Cyprus is perfect. This island has an incredibly beautiful countryside which is dominated by two major mountain ranges – you can head off for hikes into these foothills and immerse yourself in the terrain. The Kyrenia mountain range and the north coast are particularly good places to start your relaxing exploration of the island.

Cyprus has incredible culture, food and history yet it is often the weather that has the greatest impact upon one’s holiday: in this respect it does not disappoint as it has a gorgeous climate. Like much of the Mediterranean it is quite hot yet you will rarely overheat thanks to cooling breezes – this weather is perfect for some relaxing on the beach.

With great reclusive destinations, hiking and weather, Cyprus is an amazing place to go for a relaxing holiday. One or two weeks here will leave you refreshed and tanned. Luckily, it’s quite easy to get here and you can find cheap flights to Cyprus which will allow you to travel to the island without any hassle.