Must-have hiking equipment

Cotswold_Header_1300x5251With the summer finally upon us, there really is no better time to hike. Whilst you may be keen to get going, it is vital that you prepare yourself with all the necessary equipment. Here is all the must-have hiking equipment you will need…

Hiking boots

Hiking boots are essential as your feet must be comfortable and well protected whilst out hiking. Wearing unsuitable and inappropriate footwear could lead to a serious injury. Go for a sturdy yet lightweight boot made from breathable material to keep your feet dry and well-supported. To ensure your comfort, try to wear your boots for a while before heading out trekking. This will get your feet used to them and you’ll be able to identify and rectify any sore spots.

Suitable clothing

British weather can turn from being gloriously sunny to a wash out in an instant. Prepare for all weather conditions by wearing lightweight, suitable clothing. When deciding what to wear, take into consideration where you will be hiking to, as higher altitudes are significantly colder than ground level. Wearing lots of layers is useful as it means you are well insulated in cold weather, and you can simply remove some in hot weather. Make sure you pack a waterproof coat too, for those unexpected downpours.


From extra clothing to packed lunches, you will have a lot of extra items to take with you on your hike. Before starting your hike, it is useful to invest in a backpack to keep all your stuff together. Go for one with lots of space and pockets so you are sure to fit everything in. This lightweight rucksack from Cotswold Outdoor is an ideal choice as it has numerous pockets and padded straps to ensure comfort.

Head torches

When hiking a really interesting route on a glorious summer’s day, you can be forgiven for losing track of time. Free your hands from holding a regular torch and ensure your safety when it gets dark by packing a head torch. It could become an invaluable part of your hiking equipment.

Walking Poles

Walking poles work to aid walking and stability which could be useful for the more tricky hikes you may encounter. By moving some of the strain from your legs to your arms, using a walking pole means you’re less likely to experience post-hike aches and pains. You can find a great range of walking poles at Cotswold Outdoor.

Investing in this important hiking equipment will make sure that your hike is enjoyable as possible.