Three Ways To Save Money When Travelling

Ask people to list their passions in life and the opportunity to travel usually tops the list. But with today’s tough financial times, the opportunity to see the world isn’t always economically viable.

The good news is that the experience of travelling doesn’t need to put such a strain on your bank balance. Here is a look at three easy ways to experience the sights and sounds of travelling without breaking the budget.

1.       Embrace affordable accommodation

The sign of a good holiday isn’t measured by the number of stars your hotel can boast. Some of the best and most authentic holiday experiences happen in the most affordable styles of accommodation.

Hostels are certainly a cheap option when travelling in a group; with hostel chains offering discounts to regular customers. If you are all right with the idea of staying in a shared dorm, hostels are affordable and offer a great way to meet new people. Best of all with kitchen facilities you can save considerable amount on the cost of dining out too.

For adventurous travellers, couch surfing networks are an exciting way to meet new people while volunteering websites can set you up in a local home in exchange for teaching English reading and writing.

One of the most exciting and liberating holiday experiences is to take a road trip in a caravan. With extremely cheap caravan parks dotted around destinations like America and Australia, holidaymakers can also cut costs radically by cooking all of their own meals and combining the price of transport and accommodation into one single payment.

2.       Make the most of the free and affordable things a city has to offer

Many of the world’s best travel destinations are now well equipped to help tourists make their way around the city. Most locations feature free museums, walking tours and art galleries, you just need to know where to look.

The first stop on any city break should always be the area’s tourist information centre, to fully equip yourself with the best destination freebies and advice.

Finally it always saves money to travel by public transport where possible. The bus and the train might seem like a hassle compared to a taxi but the price is a lot gentler on your bank balance.

Choosing all-inclusive passes, like a day-trip or a weekly can also help to keep the cost down and those with their own caravan may find this an affordable alternative to using public transport.

3.       Insure your possessions

It might sound like an additional expense but purchasing insurance is one of the best decisions any traveller can make. Nothing will destroy your holiday budget quicker than experiencing a misfortune abroad with no insurance to protect you.

Whether you have your possessions stolen or damaged, are stuck in an unfamiliar place without an escape route or sustain an injury, going through such situations without adequate financial protection is a frightening prospect. Be sure to take out travel insurance on your possessions and your transport, which includes flights and caravan insurance.

This is a guest post provided by The Caravan Club, a leading expert in caravan holidays. The offer routine advice to travellers on where to find the best caravan sites and on what to look for when buying caravan insurance and other vital products.