Top five party destinations

Full Moon Party Feb. 2012 in Koh Phangan, Thailand

Forget stunning scenery and cultural gems – sometimes all you want from a destination is the chance to dance until you drop and then spend the next day recovering on the beach. These popular locations boast party scenes diverse enough to appeal to even the most hardened clubber.

Koh Phangan, Thailand: In a country famous for its parties, Koh Phangan stands head and shoulders above the crop. Time your visit to coincide with the full moon, when up to 30,000 revellers spill out onto the beach to dance, drink and shmooze far into the night. Music ranges from trance and techno to drum and bass and reggae, and there’s plenty of entertainment in the form of dancers and fire eaters.

Dubai, UEA: You might expect stringent alcohol consumption laws to put a crimp in the style of Dubai partygoers – but not a bit of it. The UEA city is a favourite hang out of the jet set and is fast becoming known as the party capital of the Middle East. Head to Quantum Venue for internationally lauded DJs and some of the best nights in town.

Goa, India: This hippy chic destination has a laid back vibe – but don’t let that fool you. Goa is the natural home of psychedelic trance and millions converge on its beaches every year to enjoy some of the best outdoor parties in the world. The crime rate has been high in recent years, but the local authorities are looking to turn that around and make the Goa party scene as safe as it’s exciting.

Florida, USA: America’s favourite Spring Break destination is a great place to be if you fancy getting down with a hip, young crowd. Daytona Beach, Miami and Orlando all boast a range of top-class clubs, and Miami in particular is a favourite celebrity hang-out.

Ibiza, Spain: Arguably Europe’s top party destination, Ibiza is home to seven of the world’s largest and most notorious clubs. Amnesia, Pacha, El Divino, Es Paradis, Eden, Privilige and Space are household names among hardened partygoers, and all boast top DJs and incredible atmospheres. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself rubbing shoulders with celebrities and multi-millionaires – this is where the crème de la crème of Europe go to enjoy themselves.

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