Backpackers and Gap Year Travel Insurance

If you planing an extended trip away then backpackers insurance is a must. It came in extremely handy after getting mugged in Belem in Brazil. Don’t listen to the guide books, make sure you get a police report, we did and managed to claim with out any problems, which was nice. Backpackers Travel Insurance covers you for a much longer periods than normal travel cover, the type you’d need for a gap year traveling around the world rather than a couple of weeks in Spain. If you come a cropper, which hopefully you wont, it comes in very useful!

Heres a selection (all prices are for 12 months, world wide ex USA under 36 years of age). When we went for 8 months we insured using Boots Insurance. I seem to recall it had the best cover and most reasonable excess and they paid out when we claimed with no problems.

Please comment below with any other Gap year or long stay travel insurance suggestions and recommendations.

from £124.46 for Backpacker bronze (£182.54 for Gold) to £414.86 if you want Backpacker Ski

from £100.15 for Backpacker Bronze (£146.89 for Gold) and £333.84 for Backpacker Ski

from £195

from £199.75

from £270

Alternatively visit Travel Insurance Guide – an impartial guide comparing all insurance providers in the UK in one place and advising on types of insurance as well as factors that should be considered when looking for an insurance policy.