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South America

Of all the contents that I have visited so far, South America is by far my favourite. For many it conjures up images of drugs and violence, but I think backpacking in South America is by far the best experience any independent traveler can hope to have. In South America we found people to be much more honest than those of South East Asia. We felt more at ease with the whole vibe of the Continent, maybe as we share the same ancestors as opposed to strong difference in culture with South East Asia.

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Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Goal posts, Salar de Uyuni

After being inspired by Neville Gabie’s ’Posts’ book I’ve always kept an eye out for goal posts around the world. Its…

Oscar Niemeyer Museum

Curitiba, a photo tour

Curitiba is a lovely city of 1.75 million in situated in the state of Parana and makes a great stop…


Classic American Cars

I love how so many of the cars in South America are of the big old US gas guzzling type,…

tango buenos aires

Tango in Cafe Tortoni

The basement of  the renowned Café Tortoni plays host to regular tango shows, tango can be enjoyed in squares all…


Tiwanaku, Bolivia

44 miles to the west of La Paz, Bolivia are the mysterious ruins of Tiwanaku, they are recognized by Andean scholars as…


Dinosaur Footprints, Sucre

Located about 6 km outside of Sucre in the small mountain of Cal Orck’o is the world’s largest collection of…


Olinda Photo Tour

Located just north, over looking the city of Recife Olinda is a beautifully preserved Brazilian colonial city, the down town…

Puno to Cusco by train

Puno to Cusco by Train

Travelling by train is always a highlight for me and Puno to Cusco is no exception. The train that passes…

amazon rainforest sunset

Amazon Rainforest Trip in Photos – Part 1

There are many tours running out of Manaus that offer trips out into the Amazon Rainforest. We booked ours before we arrived after a bit of internet research, one selling point being staying on a floating river lodge.