I first visited Krakow with my family over 10 years ago now so I didn’t remember too much about Krakow really only visiting the salt mines and the lovely square.

Our hotel was right on the corner of the main square costing a cracking €25 each, wandering out of the hotel you can’t help to be amazed at the huge main market square and grand architecture surrounding it – Luckily the bombs missed Krakow leaving the glorious buildings intact.

Now going on a stag do to a beautiful city full of history worried me slightly, I was half expecting to see gangs of ‘Brits abroad’ causing havoc all around but was pleasantly surprised to only come across a couple in our entire weekend, all of which where behaving well.

We didn’t see to much of the city, remaining in close proximity to the square but I still managed to take a way a couple of highlights from the weekend “stag” break.

Beer – The beer is strong in Krakow so take it easy, I learnt this on the first night. Its also pretty cheap, around £1-2 a pint. We enjoyed an afternoon on a roof top bar looking over the river with a pint costing 8 Zloty (£1.60ish), that kinda thing would cost £6 in a lot of other cities.
Architecture – Krakow is a beautiful city, as mentioned before, Krakow avoided the war and as a result the buildings remain pretty untouched. From the wide array of fantastic buildings all around to the dark cavernous bars in the basements.IMG_9379
Weather – The weather was glorious, as a Brit, I’m very jealous of the polish  climate.IMG_9353