Driving in to Kaikora from Bleinhem there’s a lookout point over a colony of seals at Ohau point. Whilst we were there a lady told us about a waterfall we’d passed just up the road where you could see baby seals playing in the pool at the foot of the waterfall.
Baby Seals, near Kaikaura, New ZealandWe drove back up the road an walked about 5 minutes along side a stream through the forest to the waterfall. In the pool at the foot of the waterfall to our amazement where around 30 baby seals swimming, jumping and playing around the rock pool. Baby Seals, near Kaikaura, New Zealand

The seals came so close it was really an incredible feeling, as we walked back to the car  we followed a couple scrambling and swimming down the little stream under the road and out into the beach.


Baby Seals near Kaikora, New Zealand