One of my favourite things about travel in Vietnam is the national drink ‘Bia Hoi’. Its probably the cheapest beer in the world with a couple of litres costing as little as 25p. In Vietnam ‘Bia Hoi’ is beer that’s freshly brewed every day and distributed to the many small bars that line the city streets. Its served warm from the keg and then poured over ice. The quantity you get varies but the biggest plus is its unaltered by chemicals. Bia Hoi only lasts 24 hours so it sells out pretty quickly in most bars.

In Hanoi and HCMC you’ll find little bars selling Bia Hoi everywhere. The ones we visited spilled out on to the pavements with little stools. The best thing is you don’t have to wait long before someone comes along offering you a new snack you’ve never tried before. Just try and resist the man with the music scales on wheels!