Lapa Stairs

Dont waste your money going to the swanky areas like Ipanema, head strait for a samba club in Lapa, find a partner and samba the night away.

The street scene, centred around the Rua da Lapa and the parallel running Rua Joaquim Silva were always thriving with young people drinking from the street stalls, hanging out and dancing. All along the streets there are lots of clubs to choose from, one we went to was in an empty house that was lacking a roof.

Getting there

Probably the best way to get to Lapa is to share a taxi with some people from your hostel.

Is it Safe

As long as you stick to the main busy streets you’ll be safe but maybe leave your camera at the hostel, there was an instance where an entire tour party was robbed on the famous red tiled staircase.

Photo by ginasant