Reaching an altitude of 4765 m. Merida’s cable car is the highest in the world.

The cable car consists of four sections for a total length of 12.5 km. The altitude at the top is higher than any point in Europe and USA excluding Alaska.

The first section starts at Barinitas station (1577m) the corner of the square with the fountain, it ends up at La Montaña station (2577 m.), go for a walk around and gaze upon the beauty of Merida sat far down below. Hopefully you wont be feeling too light headed at this point.

The next two stages reach La Aguada station (3452 m.) and Loma Redonda station (4045 m.), if your unlucky it may leave you feeling altitude sick, but fingers crossed you’ll be alright and be able to warm yourself with a tasty cup of chocolate.

Have a real good rest at this point, walk very slowly, don’t run around and get used to the altitude as much as you can before taking the final assent.

The final stage takes you to Pico Espejo (Mirror Peak – 4765 m.) where you can walk outside amongst the snow. Cross your fingers again and hope you have a clear day and are able to see all around, we didn’t’ but enjoyed watching the Venezuelans (many of them would never have seen snow before) play in the snow as we slowly walked around.