We’re looking to go away for 3 weeks in the summer, as early as possible! Originally we we’re planning a trip to the States but the weakening of the pound has made it seem a little less attractive a proposition.

We’ve been recently thinking about a trip to Thailand, main things we’re after are warmth, nice beaches and cheapness (both for getting there from the UK and living it up whilst we’re there!).

I can think of a few places that we’ve been but it’d be great to go somewhere completely new.

Any suggestions for a ideal 3 week holiday would be greatly appreciated!

UPADATE: Booked flights to Thailand, looking at some beach action on the islands of Ko Maak and Ko lipe and some jungle fun in Khao Yai so far!

Benedict Adam

Trying to travel with the ethos of a backpacker, no matter of budget, whether I'm across the other side of the world or over the road.