There are many tours running out of Manaus that offer trips out into the Amazon Rainforest. We booked ours before we arrived after a bit of internet research, one selling point being staying on a floating river lodge.


Day 1 we headed out from the port of Manaus to see the “Meeting of the waters” before heading on to the River Lodge where we where to spend 2 nights before heading into the Rainforest for a further 2.


The river lodge where spent 2 nights, in hammocks on the boat rather than in rooms in the lodge



The first activity of the tour was a bit of Piranha fishing with bits of meat before heading back in the motorised canoes as the sunset.




After a pretty decent dinner we headed out in the dark in search of Alligators.


Our guide kindly pointed out the fat slimy fish that would happily swim up you rear end and eat your insides, nice!

I dropped this little fellow in the boat which caused a fair bit of alarm, oops!


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