Staying right in Midtown in Manhattan meant the skyscrapers of New York where on our door step. Its hard to explain the feeling you get as emerge from the subway and gaze up at the towering buildings for the first time. You are surrounded by towering works of art, from the stone art deco to the modern glass.

Probably the most sensible way to see the best of New York’s skyscrapers is to find a walking tour in a guide book, we opted for the less organised wandering around and pointing “look at that one, that looks like a famous one”. Heres some pictures of our favourite New York architecture:



American flags on the Waldorf Astoria


Citicorp skyscraper in Midtown


Not sure what the name of these Midtown buildings are but i like them

Financial District


Financial district skyscrapers


View of financial district skyscrapers

Greenwich Village


Fire escapes in greenwich village


More apartment block fire escapes in Greenwich village

If you want to take the sensible route and go with a walking tour, there seems to be a lot of choices for guided ones, couldn’t find too much for self guided other than this Lower Manhattan Web Walk which looks pretty cool.

I reckon just walk out your hotel or hostel door map in hand and an idea of where yo want to end up and wander over there, you wont fail to see some cracking architecture and mind boggling skyscrapers in New York!