Potosi is the highest city in the world at 4090 m (13420 feet), aside from being the highest city in the world Potosi is probably most famous Cerro de Potosíor or Cerro Rico (“rich mountain”), the huge mine that looms over the city. Potosi is a city of 134,281, soon after Potosi was founded in 1546, it was believed to be one of the largest cities in the world with a population of around 200,000 due to the wealth it found from the silver mine.

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One of the shopping precincts and Cerro Rico

Now days, Poitosi is a fascinating city to visit, the narrow steep streets and colonial buildings are a joy to wander around. The cities rich history and its wealth of colonial architecture was recognised as World Heritage Site in 1987.

Potosi is high, and as a result, its freezing! I’d highly recommend finding a hotel or hostel in Postosi with heating or windows that receive a lot of sunshine, we didn’t and it required a huge weight of blankets to get to sleep, and an equal amount of effort to get out of bed. The most obvious effect of the altitude means its slow going when walking around the city, especially when you attempting to climb some of the very steep roads.

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Steep and narrow streets of Potosi

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More colourful steep and narrow streets of Potosi

There are countless wonderful examples of Colonial Architecture and lots of beautifully carved churches dating back to the 16th century.

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Some cracking colonial architecture

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Bolivian ladies outside La Casa de la Moneda – The first mint in Potosi

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San Lorenzo Church: The mestizo-Baroque portal carvings by 16th century artisans is one of the main attractions.