Fried Crickets in Cambodia


Fancy a snack in Cambodia? Look no further than fried crickets, extremely popular as a snack on bus journies. I remember after one bus trip the floor was covered with crunchy cricket remains. I tried some whilst at Angkor Wat, they really are discusting, bitter and greasy. Urgh, makes feel sick just thinking about them!

Benedict Adam

Trying to travel with the ethos of a backpacker, no matter of budget, whether I'm across the other side of the world or over the road.


  1. Ooph. Yeah I have full respect for different types of food but my appreciation stops short of actually trying this stuff out. :p

  2. That picture gives me the heebies…I have eaten “a” fried cricket, but I don’t know if I could handle an entire bag of them. Have you tried chocolate covered cricket? Not bad….



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