Damnoen Saduak, Floating Market

Damnoen Saduak more famously known as the Floating Market can be reached from both Bangkok and Kanchanaburi as part of a day tour taking in a few sites along the way. It takes about 2 hours by mini bus from both Bangkok and 4 from Kanchanburi. The Floating Market has a similar theme park feel to that of the floating islands on Lake Titicaca. It feels a long way from being authentic and seems to only be there for the droves of tourists who flock there to be driven around in loud boats in a similar fashion to bumper cars. Despite floating tourists out numbering the market boats, its still a good experience and a very photogenic attraction, there are however less touristy markets that if you would most probably find more rewarding.

Benedict Adam

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  1. Floating Market…looks interesting

  2. I had a very similar experience when I went there in October of 2010. I was excited to see what the “local market” was like, but found it to be more of a tourist trap than anything else and ended up just sitting on the decks with Thai Iced Coffee and people watching. One piece I did like, however, was the fruit and spice stands. They had all sort of strange looking stuff I was tempted to try. Apart from that it was lot of being offered boat rides and deals of Tiger Balm.

  3. I never went to the floating market but maybe I should have done a I got stuck in Bangkok for a week during the occupations of the airport… must say it is lovely but also very depressing to read your blog as I get so jealous and just want to leave London and go travel again!

  4. It has been my pleasant moment to visit the floating market of Thailand in my life. I never even thought to visit such a beautiful place my words are failing me to mention anything more about there. It looks very attractive and intresting.


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