Khao San Road

Khao San road must be one of Bangkok’s most vibrant streets, backpackers from all around the world come together here, to make it their base for exploring the rest of Thailand, take advantage of the cheap travel agents and cheap accommodation and to stock up on cheap clothes, cheap CDs and DVDs and much more.

If your off to a neighboring country from Bangkok, you can save by taking public transport but if you do use a cheap travel agent make sure you arrange your Visa first, other wise you will be over charged by the cheap travel agent at the border.

We got a tourist bus across into Cambodia and it was a strange experience, felt a bit like a school trip and gave me a dirty cheating kinda feeling, I’d opt for public transport next time.

In my opinions Khao San Road is good fun, it is incredibly touristy and commercial but will only make you appreciate getting of the beaten track more.