Ha Long Bay Fishing Boat, Vietnam – Friday Photo

Ha Long Bay is a must visit for any Vietnam trip, consisting of a dense cluster of limestone islands rising spectacularly from the sea. Ha Long Bay is generally taken in with a cruise on one of the large tourist junks. The photos is from the boat mooring up for the night as the sun goes down behind a small fishing boat.
Ha Long Bay

Benedict Adam

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  1. What a nice photo. I’m actually just North of Ha Long Bay in Vietnam. I’ve been considering a trip down (God knows the photos look lovely) but I’m getting really attracted to Northern Vietnam as I haven’t heard much of it from any travelers. It seem the further North I travel, the more scenic it gets. Who knows what wonderful secrets are hiding up there just waiting to be discovered! :-)

  2. WOW what an awesome picture! I love how small the boat seem near the huge cliffs!
    Vietnam was my favorite stop in Asia


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