Mui Ne is a beach resort area in Phan Thiet, near Ho Chi Minh City (south Vietnam), expect to be ambushed apon arrival as with many desiantions, all the accommodation are quite spread out along the 20km stretch of sand so be ready for a hot slog if your planning on finding a cheap place to stay. Mui Ne isn’t a beautiful stretch of beach, it is fairly dirty and the shifting sand means that some sections of the beach can be left with just a concrete breakwater rather than sandy beach.Mui Ne

One of Mui Ne’s redeeming features is the active fishing community that operates from the beach which makes the beach while not that nice for sunbathing and swimming interesting to walk along.

Sand Dune

Sand Sunes

From Mui Ne we took a short motorbike ride to the sand dunes to watch the sun rise, the bay was lit up by all the fishing boat lights. We were soon joined by swarms of Vietnamese tourists armed with sheets of wood and guides wielding mega phones, peace shattered we watched a rather cloudy sun rise before returning back to the hotel via a stop at the harbour where the fisherman’s wives were selling fish and bucket boats where bobbing around in the shallows.

Fisherman's wives

Mui Ne Fisherman

We didn’t fall in love with Mui Ne and only stayed one night before moving on, it may be that we didn’t give it enough of a chance but with other areas offering simply stunning beaches you start to get a little hard to please.