Venezuela Travel Itinerary – Tours, Ideas and Routes

Venezuela to Brazil

Heres our route for South America as far as Salvador in Brazil, the aim is to get all the details of our journey up so as to hopefully be an aid for anyone thinking of doing a similar route. Unfortunately we’ve only got as far as day 1 so far but detailed below is each town we stopped of in.

Day 1 London to Caracas



Day 2 Caracas to Puerto Columbia (via Maracay)



  • Puerto Columbia Beach
  • Drinks on the wall

Days 5-7 Puerto Columbia to Merida


  • Jama Chia


Merida to Ciudad Bolivar

Ciudad Bolivar to Boa Vista (Brazil) (via Santa Elena)

Boa Vista to Manaus

Manaus to Belem (Amazon river boat)

Belem to Forteleza

Forteleza to Jericoacoara

Jericoacoara to Forteleza

Forteleza to Natal

Natal to Pipa

Pipa to Natal (via Goiraniha)

Natal to Recife

Recife to Olinda

Olinda to Salvador