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Holiday operator On The Beach have a blog and they’ve been writing a few interesting posts of late, one of the most interesting was 20 Cities, Islands & Countries Threatened By Global Warming, which highlights many of the places that are facing devastation if global warming continues, some of which are closer to home than you might think.


Panama Marine Life - Coral Reefs

Palau in Micronesia, The Great Barrier Reef in Australia, Belize Barrier Reef and the Red Sea Reefs in Egypt are all in great danger, changes in water temperature and acidity levels have a negative impact on the Coral reefs famed for their underwater wildlife.


Maldives in the Indian Ocean, Virgin Islands in the Caribbean and the cook islands lagoonCook Islands in the Pacific Ocean both heavily rely on tourism which could dry up as the islands become swamped by rising sea levels. The Maldives has been given an alarming one hundred years before it disappears completely into the ocean.

Galapagos Islands, Pacific Ocean are threatened by a number of human impacts, including overfishing, oil spills, development, agriculture, pollution, global warming, and excessive tourism.


IMG_1756In Tokyo temperatures have been rising five times faster than the average global warming rate around the world, with the entire climate rapidly changing the effects are still unknown.

Coastal Cities such as London and New York City are at risk of eventually being submerged underwater with New Orleans and Jakarta in Indonesia having already experienced serious flooding.


The whole of India could be in big danger as changes in the water patterns which are reducing the flow of water throughout the country and cyclone activity increase.


IMG_3176Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Glacier National Park in USA and Columbia Glacier in Alaska are all rapidly melting with Columbia Glacier dropping from 150 glaciers to 26 in the last 100 years


A large chunk of Southern California could be come impassable as temperatures in Death Valley, already a very hot place, increase even more.

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