Halifax Travel Money have come up with a clever and pretty original use of Facebook for holiday destination ideas. Holiday Matchmaker analyses the content of your facebook page and tries to find your perfect holiday match.

If like me you haven’t filled in much information on your facebook profile you might end up being matched with a Desert Island. I was however able to select one of the top destinations to see what useful information the application has to offer.

Clicking New York from the top destinations you receive a suggested hotel, a quick how much does a beer, a tax, hot dog and helicopter ride cost, a suggested place to eat, drink and thing to do, what a tenner will buy you and  the weather. All in all a nice and fun little overview of a destination.

halifax holiday matchmakerI’m not sure how clever each holiday match,  how many destinations there are and whether it will actually help spark a holiday idea but its well worth giving a try to see what your Holiday match is.