The Worlds Cheapest Destinations by Tim Leffel isn’t a guide book and isn’t pretending to be, you don’t get any maps or photographs or much info into things to do. What you do get is inspiring advice on how you can travel long or short term and it cost next to nothing.

Unsurprisingly The Worlds Cheapest Destinations is cost focused, and gives a great idea of how much it will cost to simply get by or to live it up. The book describes 21 countries with each having an overview of the country, sections on Transport, Accommodation, Food and Drink, a few highlights and what you can get for a dollar or less.

Now I’m planning a short trip pretty soon and I’m looking for a cheap place to visit, I found the book to be a great starting point, ideal for starting holiday research, getting ideas and inspiration, a clear idea of costs before taking research to the next stage.

In contrast to many guide books The Worlds Cheapest Destinations helps compare holiday destinations, most importantly in terms of price and it also gives a good idea as to how popular the destination is with tourists.

Whether putting together a budget for a long term round the world trip or choosing a destination to get the most from your holiday budget you’ll struggle to find better information elsewhere. If your looking to travel the world and don’t know where to start I seriously recommend you buy this book.

THE World’s Cheapest Destinations: 21 Countries Where Your Money is Worth a Fortune – THIRD EDITION – BUY NOW FROM AMAZON

Benedict Adam

Trying to travel with the ethos of a backpacker, no matter of budget, whether I'm across the other side of the world or over the road.