IMG_9223I found about the Public Assembly in Brooklyn in an article about top live venues in the Guardian and if your looking for a Gig on your visit to New York its well worth checking it out here. The public Assembly is a pretty cool club/venue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and the queue around the block seemed to indicate others thought so too.  Luckily our forward planning of booking a ticket online meant we we’re able to smugly skip the queue and somehow miss the entrance’s water reflection pool used in Jim Jarmusch’s Coffee and Cigarettes.

We decided to go to the Beard and Moustache Competition, as well as the Beards and Moustaches it included a ZZ Top cover band called Cheap SunglasseZZ and some pretty poor burlesque. The highlight of the evening was probably the music and I was particularly impressed by the bearded ladies who it seemed had probably gone to the most effort.

Be prepared to embraced the expensive beer ($4 for a tiny can of Bud) and you’ll have a quality time at the Public Assembly.