1. Arepas, Venezuela – The corn bread arepa is a flat patty made of cornmeal which can be grilled, baked, or fried. It’s then stuffed with an array of ingredients, depending on where your getting it from it might have, carne (meat), black beans, cheeses or plantain. If your travelling around Venezuela on bus these will become a stable food for you.arepas en el fogon
  2. Coxinha, Brazil – Again an ideal snack to keep you going on the inevitable long bus journeys, these deep fried teardrop shaped snacks are greasy but delicious, top with a bit of ketchup as the brazilians do to take it to another level. Made from shredded chicken and spices, enclosed in wheat flour batter, and deep fried. The shape comes from the original way coxinhas where made using chicken thighs, coxinha literally means “little thigh”. There are controversies about the right way to eat a Coxinha. Some say it should be eaten from the base, resembling an ice cream cone, while others say it should be eaten from the top. Either way its great!Dezembro 2008 - 021
  3. French Baguettes, Vietnam – The French  colonial era left a big impact on Vietnam, none better in my opinion than the readily available baguette stands selling a great selection of Asian fillings creating great fusion cuisine for next to nothing.Vietname Baguettes
  4. BBQ Chicken Satay, Indonesia – Cooked over hot coals, powered by flapping a piece of card, the BBQ chicken satay is cheap and delicious, found all over Indonesia, makes a welcome change from Nasi Goreng!Chicken Satay on the Street
  5. Boiled Quail Eggs, Vietnam – Nothing accompanies a nice Bia Hoi better than a bag of boiled quails eggs, you won’t be short of choice for beer snacks when drinking on the stalls in a Vietnamese city but i don’t think you can beat unpeeling and salting a bag of quail eggs, as cheap as chips.Jiufen Street Food 12
  6. Meat on a stick, Venezuela – The Venezuelans love their street food, head to any square in the evening and you’ll find a huge amount of interesting foods on sticks being barbecued, highly recommended are the juicy kebabs.Merida street food, Venezuela
  7. Pad Thai, Thailand – Super fast and cheap, Pad Thai is whipped up on road side stands all over Thailand but it seems no where more popular than on the Khao San Road, combine with some spring rolls and it truly is a bargain basement feast!IMG_3328