The second day of the trip took in some incredible scenery, some of the best I’ve ever seen. From Luna landscapes to Salvador Dali esc wind swept rocks. We also got a chance to see some wildlife: some wonderful Flamingos, a Mountain Fox and Vicunas.

The road to Sala de Uyuni

Desert road cutting through landscapes that look like they are from another planet

ben 1 165

Arbol de Piedra, a much photographed gravity defying rock, said to have inspired Salvador Dali

ben 1 142

Luna landscapes

ben 1 136

There are lots of Flamingos on the trip

ben 1 196

Yet more Flamingos

ben 1 213

Snap away at the amazing pink birds

ben 1 231

More Luna landscapes

ben 1 249

An Mountain Fox, coxed down to the picnicking Jeeps

ben 1 139

Red lake