Salto Angel (Angel Falls)
Setting of from Ciudad Bolivar the flight in the tiny one prop five man plane to Canaima is a memorable one. The flight offers great views of the surrounding Grand Sabana and fantastic views of the lagoon at Canaima as you come into land.

We arrived in time to have some breakfast then set off for the Angel Falls in a fairly uncomfortable, long motorised, wooden canoe. Its a long and bumpy ride from Canaima to the Angel Falls so expect to get a saw bum, we stopped once for lunch at a small waterfall and once to walk along side the river as the rapids were too strong for us to travel up.

The boat ride up the river through the Canaima National Park is incredible, you can’t help but feel like you are in Jurassic Park as all around you huge waterfalls poor off the tops of cloud covered Tepui (table topped mountains).

Way to the Angel Falls

As we neared the Angel Falls I kept mistaking numerous waterfalls for Salto Angel, eventually as I came around the corner and caught my first glimpse of the Angel Falls I realised how stupid I was for mistaking these small trickles for the worlds highest waterfall.

Once at the foot theres a 30 minute climb through the forest to a lookout point that consists of a large over hanging flat rocking about halfway up the falls. Its a pretty dodgy place to stand but refreshing to find just a sign announcing ‘Mirador Salto Angel’ with absolutely There was a great view of the falls as gusts of wind threatened to blow you into the falls.

After descending and navigating the river to our campsite we watched to subset behind the falls and ate dinner. Once the sun was gone we were able to watch the falls clearly in the moonlight. Going to sleep and waking up to a glorious view of the falls from our hammocks was a pretty special experience, one I’ll never forget.

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