A nice thing to do whilst in Merida is to hire a mountain bike and go for a ride. We hired bikes for half a day from Fanny Tours. We got a lift half way up one of the roads that winded through the foot of the Andes.

We declined a lift right to the top thinking it would be nice to have a bit of up hill before a downhill ride back down. Big mistake! We’d completely mis judged the thinness of the air and the steepness of the roads! After about 1 minute of attempted uphill we turned round and enjoyed the winding road back down to Merida.
Hiring the bike at Fanny Tours – my back brake didnt work, which made for a slightly dodgy decent, I checked the brakes of our other bikes before fanny tours assured me that they we fine.
Pushing bike up the steep hills!
Sharing the road with traffic wasn’t a problem.
The road passed through little Venezuelan villages full of colour and character.