Buy something more exciting with £9.50 than a  holiday, that’s the challenge The Sun have set me, after duly accepting the challenge I soon realised I was fighting a losing battle; collect 10 tokens from The Sun or News of the World and you could land yourself a holiday in September, October or November at one of 274 parks across the UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Sardinia, Croatia, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Belgium and Holland all for £9.50! Pretty good huh? I’m not the most creative person in the world but here’s what I’d do with my £9.50:

Basically my £9.50 would be well spent enjoying the seaside delights of my home town Brighton & Hove.

The day would start with a Banana for breakfast to conserve funds for later on, once you’ve digested your banana get yourself down to the Blue Flag Awarded Hove Beach, spend the morning soaking up the sun and swimming in the sea, don’t let anyone its too cold, its a very nice temperature this time of year and i don’t think swimming in the sea can be beaten.

For lunch take a wander along the promenade down to Marrocos and get your self a fantastic Italian ice cream, eat it wandering back along the promenade or take a seat on a bench and enjoy whilst admiring the seafront and people watching.

Now for a bit more exercise, there’s nearly always someone playing football on the lawns so find a game and invite yourself. or start a new one, people will soon join you! Once your suitably sweaty and warn out go for another swim.

Get your self dried off, its time for the main event, a short walk into hove and up to the main high street you’ll find the awesome Chip Basket, make sure you get Haddock, Chips and Mushy Peas, grab a 4 pack of Beers from the nearby Premier and head back to the beach to enjoy the sun setting, not a bad day all in all for £9.50.

Start collecting you vouchers today as you need 10 different ones and the last day to start is this Saturday. Find out more at Sun Holidays

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