Now I don’t mind roughing it at all but there are certain occasions when your travelling or on a holiday that a luxury or boutique hotel stay really is needed to make the experience work. It might be that your going somewhere for a long weekend away, the short time period means your able to increase the budget for each night. It might be that your going for a romantic weekend away or looking for some real relaxation and privacy that a hostel bunk could never offer.

Here’s some top tips for find yourself great luxury hotel deals:

  1. Make big savings through sites that offer time specific deals such as Travel Zoo
  2. If you don’t often spend your holidays in a luxury hotel, save time in your quest for a perfect hotel by using sites that hand pick its hotels such as and slh
  3. Take a gamble with Priceline and get a guaranteed 5 star stay at a significant saving, there’s no guarantee however on where your staying and whether the hotel is going to be as charming as the hand selected ones above.
  4. If you can get the holiday off work or have flexible working days why not go in the week? There will nearly always be big savings  to be had over weekend deals.
  5. There’s no guarantee you’ll get a cheap deal on these hotels built a good place for starting your search is a top hotels list from boutique and luxury travel magazines such as The Conde Nast Gold List

What do you think, do you have any tips for getting a luxury hotel room at a bargain price?